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June 3, 2021
"We arlmost ready to present online game"

Hey, crazy Deeks, we got super news for you!

We arlmost ready to present online game, where you can use your Deek!

As you remember, one of our project features is that it’s powered by our own smart-contract allowing your token to be used in any web3 application. As our first attempt we decided to take the popular game as a platform, although we got much bolder plans for the future.

Anyway, while our devs, are working out on the final details, check out the teaser of gameplay

June 2, 2021
"Decided to support the project MEDUZA media"

Hey, crazy Deeks! ✊

It's been a couple of days since an NFT charity auction for the benefit of MEDUZA media took place. It’s a Russian-speaking independent news channel that was recently added to the list of “foreign agents” by Russian authorities. Freedom of speech is a major issue in Russia today, so dozens of artists took part in the auction presenting their hommages to the “Meduza” logo. All collected funds will be sent to support the media. The auction took place on Rarible and was finished today.

We are familiar with MEDUZA and decided to contribute to the project. Here is MEDUZA DEEK - our version of their logo. We think it’s as cringe as the fact that an independent media is considered a “foreign agent” now. All collected funds will be sent to Meduza.

Link to the auction:


June 1, 2021
"The Deekhash rarity analyzer"

As you know, there are total of 8 characteristics that a new Deekpic is built of: the background, the color of a deek, facial hair style, hat, what’s it holding in hands, top and bottom clothes, and an accessory.

15 different styles are available for each characteristic, making it over 3 billion combinations — it’s not possible to get the same deek twice, since the DNA of a deek will be unique and there are only 10000 of them. Another 128 Deeks are unique and drawn by hand by our artists.

The Deekhash rarity analyzer

May 31, 2021

More and more people get to know us! It's understandable, deeks are hard to miss ). Huge respect to PRO BLOCKCHAIN channel for sharing a fresh and detailed video review of our project. It’s time to the drop in cryptoprices wisely!

May 24, 2021

Hey, Deek Collectors! Two of the crazy and the most technically SUPERIOR projects are launching a giveaway! You can get two NFT tokens - one on Etherium and one on Binance Smart Chain.

Check the conditions in our tweet:

UPD: the contest is over, winners are chosen!


May 17, 2021
"A roadmap and a contest!"

Hey, crazy deeks, how’s everybody doing! It’s high time we post something and oh boy - the news we have is hot! Check out the coolest Road map we compiled, learn about an online game (we’re working on right now), metaverse party, mini series and a banner in Times Square, New York - you dig the ideas or what?! Full article at

But that’s not nearly it - there is a Deek hidden in this article that is worth 0,2 ETH! And it can become yours for free! Awesome to get one with these gas prices.

To find the Deek you need to:
- follow the link and read the article
- find a seed phrase in it
- use this phrase to access the wallet 0x66B36A143D198104f769967D2877b45633c6202A with the FREE Deek on it and send the token to your wallet.

Don’t miss it - only one lucky winner!

Stay tuned, crazy deeks!

UPD: contest is over, the winner is chosen!


April 20, 2021
"Making a game for Deekhash holders"

Our team decided to create and online-game for the deek holders. RPG is heavy stuff, but it also takes time and resources, we just love the genre too much to be careless about producing one, so yes, but later. Alien shooter is much more dynamic and faster to code - so a definite option short-term. We also have - like thing in mind. What you think about it? Shall we find who's got the biggest deek of them all. game

April 3, 2021

It's time to finish promo "buy five regular deeks - get a superdeek" - and 6 lucky winners get a real gem in their collection. We thank our supporters from all parts of the world, huge respect! As for the ones who didn't have a chance to win this time - don't worry, a new promo is coming, join our project!

I'd like to remind you that the first tier is sold out and the collectors who purchased deeks at 0,1 ETH - doubled their investments today.

Next tier is on the way, so everyone will increase their gains. You can help all members of our community by telling everyone about it in your favourite social media.

We can do anything together! Show your deek to the world!


April 9, 2021

We've thoroughly worked over our new and existing Deeks and now they all are avaialble in higher resuloution! 1000x1000 instead of 240x240. Just think of it - your Deeks just became 4 times larger!

High resuloution Deeks

April 6, 2021

SuperDeeks were presented to 6 Collectors, who had purchased 5 reggies each during previous week. Thank you!


March 26, 2021

VARLAMDEEK presented to Russian journalist Ilya Varlamov

Ilya Varlamov

March 23, 2021

More bloggers from all around the world are reviewing our project, manuals and faqs are created

March 21, 2021

Shout out to Satoshi Sean for reviewing our project!

March 20, 2021

The leaderboard of Deeks top hodlers introduced

The leaderboard

March 18, 2021

Rare Deek #302 with easter egg (dog) was born

Rare Deek

March 16, 2021

Our telegram channel launched

telegram channel

March 14, 2021

TIER 1 SOLD OUT! First 250 Deeks sold at 0,1 eth are out! Next tier goes for 0,2 eth

March 14, 2021



March 12, 2021

DEEKHASH.XYZ - official launch! First deeks fly of the shelves, all thanks to our early adopters!

March 10, 2021

Discord channel launched

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