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How can I get a deek?

1. If you want to use your smartphone - you are to enter and download this app on the main page. It can generate ETH purse and has a built-in browser. Use this built-in browser to enter our web-site (or any other marketplace) to make a purchase, since currently this application isn’t working with other browsers on iOS, Android or other mobile-based operating systems. If you are using your laptop or PC - it’s a little different. Use Chrome or Brave browser. Visit - it’ll automatically detect which browser you are using and will offer you to download the extension for it (a fox head icon will appear in the top right corner near the address bar)

2. Once the Metamask is installed, you are to create a new purse (you can make several at once). It’s HIGHLY IMPORTANT to make a very strong password and a code phrase and KEEP THIS DATA IN A SAFE PLACE. USING them in future, you can get access to your wallet from another device, WITHOUT THEM getting access won’t be possible.

3. If you have and existing ETH purse, it can be connected to Metamask

4.  Enter (using Metamask built-in browser on your smartphone or your regular browser with Metamask extension on PC or laptop). Enter the desired name of your future deek into the white field on the main page. Press “Buy a deek'' button.

5. After you do that, Metamask connects to our system, you press “Confirm” and voila - it’s done!

What happens if I enter my name – will my deek look like me?

Тhe looks of a deek are not based on what you call it implying the google search results of the original reference. It would have been equal to calling your newborn James Bond and expecting him to grow up a Secret Service agent ;) There is a sophisticated mechanism that transforms what you type into a hash code - a unique set of symbols that is divided into blocks defining every element of a new DEEKs' features. Changing one symbol in the name - will fully change the final result.

Which deeks will be the most valuable?

We love easter eggs, so we just couldn't help adding some to Deektown. There are five different easter eggs, yet only one has been opened so far. They show up on your deekpic if certain conditions match, i.e. check out deeks 188 and 302 - if a deek is minted wearing a cowboy hat on a farm or in a forest - it gets a dog companion! Other combinations will open 4 more easter eggs, but of course we won't reveal neither the easter eggs, nor the combinations, till it happens.

Easter eggs Easter eggs

Who are "SuperDeeks"?

We are limited to 10128 Deeks: 10000 will be minted upon your request and their DNA will depend on you. So what are the other 128? Every town needs its Super Heroes. DeekTown is no exception.

Only 128 very rare unique SuperHero Deeks will be born. They will not be for sale - one can't just pay for the superhero!

They are drawn by our artist upon request symbolizing a memorable moment in our history. You can't directly buy them on our web site. But you may stay tuned and wait for a contest with a SuperDeek as a prize, or look up at Opensea or Rarible (or other platforms) and wait till the owner (previous winner) decides to sell one and then buy from them.

How is your project different from the others? Why should I pick you?

95% of NFT-projects currently don’t have their own smart-contract (a protocol that executes, controls or documents relevant events and actions on blockchain). Their authors rely on a third-party smart-contract (one of an NFT marketplace, i.e. OpenSea) and usually narrow the data written into blockchain to a link to an image, lying somewhere on a web-server.

This is not the case with our project.

Firstly, we coded our own smart-contract and thus are independable from any third-party.

Secondly, minting a deek you’re not just giving it a name - you can enter any data that is important for you: a memorable date, a name, a line from your favourite song. This info is transformed into HASH-function, that defines your would-be deeks appearance consisting of 9 parameters (place, color, hairstyle, hat, bottom and top clothing, accessory, what’s your deek is holding in it’s hands and a bonus parameter - easter eggs, which appear in some combinations of other deeks traits and definetely make your deek superare

All this data, thanks to our smart-contract is written into blockchain, it’s more information, thus is more expensive for us, but we believe this approach is more true to the principles of  emerging digital art.

So your Deek - is a unique encrypted piece of information relevant to you, saved on Ether blockchain

This information defines all elements of your Deek, making it possible to restore it, in case it was lost, or use your Deek in any web3 application, like our game!

What can I do with my deek?

1. Get your unique Deek which appearance is 100% defined by your input

2. HODL your Deek to see it grooow

3. Use your Deek as a ticket to Deeksneyland and to community activities

4. Take part in challenges to win superdeek

5. We will always stick to our community of early backers and friends. All the Deekholders will be rewarded with the special items from our next projects. One of them is coming very soon and we promise it's gonna be just magic!

What are the further plans of the project?

We are trying to stick to our road map, you may view it here. We have great plans and we’ve already accomplished a lot.


How can I resell my Deek?

After you purchase a deek, it’s automatically added to the Opensea marketplace catalogue. You also may easily add it to Rarible and other marketplaces using your Metamask app.

As of this moment some deeks previously purchased from us have ALREADY been resold at a price ten times higher, compared to their initial price. And this is despite the fact that we only started less than a month ago and there are a lot of unminted deeks available. Imagine, what happens when all deeks are sold and only available at the aftermarket?

Why is it a good idea to buy NFT now?

First of all, we’re neither doing an ICO, nor give financial advice. It’s impossible to know for sure what the price of NFT will be in future. Although, it’s obvious that NFT emergence is as significant for blockchain technology as bitcoin used to be in it’s time. And let’s be honest, who could know for a fact the exact price of bitcoin in 2021 ten or even five years ago?

NFT – is your second chance to enter the crypto market at an early stage. The NFT-community is getting stronger from the mutual support of artists, collectors, enthusiasts, geeks and project-developers. The faster it picks up speed and gets mainstream - the more beneficial it’ll be for early supporters.

This is why it’s so important to spread the word, write about your deeks in social media, give us your feedback, so that we could fix and enhance the project.

How can I help the project?

If you want to make us an offer of cooperation, you can write to us on twitter or by mail We are happy to get any feedback. We respect those who share about our project on social media, letting other NFT enthusiasts learn about us, supporting our community and making it stronger.

What is this TOP-page on your web-site with a strange number of symbols?

Oh, these are our best collectors. Code on the left is the purse and the number on the right is how many deeks belong to the purse. You can copy this purse to the OpenSea marketplace search form to check which deeks exactly does this collector own, how much are they offered for and other details. This is one of the blockchain’s advantages - total anonymity, transparency and safety.

What if I see huge gas fees, like 1,5-2 ETH?

If your Metamask wallet balance is not enough - it throws an error showing a huge amount of ETH gas needed for the transaction. If you top up your wallet balance to 0,26 ETH or more - this error will disappear and you’ll be able to buy a deek for 0,2 ETH + gas fees.

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