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What is this about?

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. Few recognized the potential of cryptoindustry in 2012, now when it's obvious - few can buy it. NFT token is your second chance to the world of Crypto. "But how can a .jpeg cost millions?" - Well... how can a code on blockchain cost $60k?

Who we are?

DeekHash is the most stupid yet funny NFT collectible project you've ever seen. Right now it is an absolutely empty Universe – a world before Genesis. There is more than 3*10^9 unique Deek embryos. Only 10,128 will born in fact. Which ones - you decide.

How? Think of any important stuff you wanna memorize on blockchain: text, name, date, phone number, whatever. Enter it before minting the Deek, and magical algorithm will create an abso-deeking-lutely unique Deek based on the Hash of the string you entered.

- Hey, but what happens if I enter my name – will my DEEK look like me?

- Thanks for your question, let me explain, the looks of DEEK are not based on how you call it implying the google search results of the original reference. It would have been equal to calling your newborn James Bond and expecting him to grow up a Secret Service agent. There is a sophisticated mechanism that transforms what you type into a hash code - a unique set of symbols that is divided into blocks defining every element of a new DEEKs' features. Changing one symbol in the name - will fully change the final result.

Who are SuperDeeks?

We are limited to 10128 Deeks: 10000 will be minted upon your request and their DNA will depend on you. So what are other 128? Every town needs its Super Heroes. DeekTown is no exception.

Only 128 very rare unique Super Hero Deeks will born. They will not be for sale - one can't just pay for the superhero!

They are drawn by our artist on request symbolizing a memorable moment in our history. You can't directly buy them on our web site. But you may stay tuned and wait for a contest with a SuperDeek as a prize, or look up at Opensea or Rarible (or other platforms) and wait till the owner (previous winner) decides to sell one and then buy from them.

If you missed bitcoin in 2012, cryptopunks in 2017, now is your chance before this ship has sailed to the moon!

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